EPIC: The Game, starts out with an entrepreneur pitching his idea for a Virtual Reality game. The game runs on a quantum computer platform. It leads players into dimensions where they explore their parallel lives, and confront fears, during 20 levels of game play. The game is different for each player as it uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate each player’s fears, based on data gleaned from social media and Internet preferences. It uses human energy for power, so if you are cut in the game, you bleed in real life!

The story centers on a family of four. Seventeen-year-old, Billy Middleton, has a sister, Sarah with an alcoholic mother and workaholic father. When Billy dies during gameplay, his father discovers his secret and goes into EPIC: The Game to fish out his son somewhere in time/space. They learn that Life is a form of Simulation…some kind of code that is like The Matrix, only unlike the movie, people are not “battery power for technology.” They are part of a quantum Ancestry Simulation that runs planet Earth.


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